Werner's Bienengold

Honig aus Nidderau

 The Region



  We and our bees are living in a small town called Nidderau. It lays in the heart of the so-called Rhine-Main-Region near Frankfurt. As our beehives are located round an organic farm, they are able to benefit from a comprehensive offer of different blossoms, that are not treated with artificial fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. We have the purity of our honey confirmed by the certified labs from Deutscher Imkerbund (D.I.B.) in cooperation with the University Hohenheim.


   In 2013 our summer blossom honey got medaled with Gold. In 2015 we have got the silver medal. In 2016 our spring blossom honey has got a silver medal. If you are interested, please click here to see our certificates in detail. The criterions purity, freedom of residues, taste and smell have got full marks every year. 

    The restrictions, the D.I.B. makes, are sort of strict. Whereas German law allows 20% water as a content of the honey, D.I.B. restricts it to max. 18%. 

    The full-bodied taste of our honey comes from the sustainable way our "host" runs his farm. Organic agriculture works with the natural pollination, the bees provide.  Did you know, that the bee is being the third important livestock after cows and pigs? The crop yield increases significantly on farms that are being "serviced" by beehives. Artificial fertilization is not necessary at all, where the crop is being changed regularily. Our bees benefit from this variety. Their "table" is laid with the necessary plants that supply them pollen and nectar, which both is important for their health and their ability to grow. And our honey never tastes the same. Even for us every year's harvest bears the surprise, which bloom might have had the most impact on the honey's taste.

    By the way: members of Deutscher Imkerbund e.V. are not allowed to filter the honey. Unless we are sieving it through three different sizes of mesh, to get rid of smaller particles of wax, etc., we do not filter the pollen out of the honey. For that reason, it is possible to medicate hay fever with honey, if certain pre-conditions are being met. The most important factor for a successful cure is, that the allergy is being caused by regional pollen. If this is the case, the probability that regional honey contains the same kind of pollen is very high. Consuming of this honey works like a hypersensitization and can relieve the allergy's effect.