Werner's Bienengold

Honig aus Nidderau



       to Werner's Bienengold.


      Nice to see you on our websites. In the following we want to introduce us and our "products". This is no commercial site at all! We just want to tell some stories about beekeeping and the role everyone can play in active care for the environment. We hope, you are a bit curious and will follow us on a short excursion to our beehives. 

Yours Dietmar & Melanie  Werner   


The Region 

    We and our bees are living  in a small town called Nidderau. It lays in the heart of the so-called Rhine-Main-Region round Frankfurt. As our beehives are located round an organic farm, they are able to benefit from a comprehensive offer of different blossoms, that are not treated with artificial fertilizers or pesticides of any kind. We have the purity of our honey confirmed by the certified labs from Deutscher Imkerbund e.V. in cooperation with the University in Hohenheim. 




Our certificates  

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  • 2018
  • 2020